"Chapel" De Chirico

    In the bottom of the Chapel of the Immaculate two little doors lead into a room where there is the tomb of the painter Giorgio De Chirico (1888-1978), whose mortal remains were transferred here from the Roman cemetery of Verano in 1992. On the marble tomb in the back of the chapel reads: "Giorgio De Chirico Pictor Optimus". There are also three paintings donated by the artist's widow Isabella Pakswer to the Franciscan Friars of the Roman Province of SS. Peter and Paul: on the right wall portrait of the painter, on the left-hand portrait of his wife Isa, also called veiled woman, on the network behind the entrance gates Fall of Christ under the weight of the cross.
    The "Fall of Christ" can be considered as the most important sacred work of the Master, Jesus is one of the drops of the Cross at Calvary, but in the lower right is painted S. Francis of Assisi. De Chirico wanted to include this anachronism because he saw in Francis the saint who weeps over the Lord's Passion, as the first saint with the stigmata in the history of the Church.