Project R.I.P.A.

    The fraternity Ripa of Settesoli was born after a long period of discernment took place during the 2011 Provincial Chapter of the Minor Friars of Lazio, with the aim to actualize the Franciscan spirit of the origins and to live the Gospel in fraternal communion.

    The project Ripa – Reborn (Rinascere) Together (Insieme) for (Per) Love (Amore) - provides a custom path aimed to recover the integrity of the “self”' and a accompaniment to social and occupational reintegration for each brother hosted in the fraternity. This journey bases its strength on the centrality of the Gospel, a tool for everyday life, and the regenerative and healing power of community life.

    The fraternity wants to be a place where every individual, living love relationships, free and respectful, can express their specificity and uniqueness, develop their talents and work on their own limitations through the personal commitment and cooperation of the other brothers.

    The mission of the fraternity is to be able to show the welcomed brothers the possibility of a revival and rediscovery of their own staff by identifying the SUN, the primary value of life and that every individual holds in the soul to give full meaning to their existence, transforming it into a masterpiece.

    Franciscan spirit lives in the belief that human frailties are not an obstacle to be eliminated, but a beginning from which to start: the life of every human being is a work not yet completed, started slowly but inexorably towards perfection.
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